Pool Registration Extension – what it means for you

If you own a pool or spa and are looking to rent or sell the property on which it is located, you’ve been given some extra breathing space.

Last month the New South Wales Government extended the deadline for pool owners to register their pools until 29 April 2015. A Compliance Certificate will be issued following the registration which applies to all rental and sale properties which will remain valid for three years.

According to the NSW Government on their Swimming Pool Register website: “The Swimming Pools Act 1992 and its regulations work together with Australian Standard 1926 (AS1926) to establish the safety standards for ‘backyard’ swimming pools.”  The regulations and the registration relates to indoor pools, outdoor pools, portable and inflatable pools; as well as similar items such as spas.

Matt Walsh, Director of Sydney based Backyard Pool & Solar says “The registration is a good idea but the original one year time frame set in 2013 just wasn’t realistic or fair. It didn’t give pool owners enough time to budget for the investment they would need to make on their pools.”

The other likely reason for the extension, according to Matt, is there just were not enough pool inspectors to undertake the work within the original time period. A pool owner can choose to engage either a private pool certifier or a compliance officer from their local council.

“This is the second extension that has been granted, effectively giving pool owners a 3 year period to upgrade the fencing and overall safety of their pools.” Matt says.

Pool builders such as Backyard Pool & Solar are finding, that while owners are looking at upgrading the safety of their fencing, it’s also an opportune time for them to renovate their pool and spa. Renovations and remedial works are are just the tip of the iceberg for Matt’s company, who also specialise in remedial rectification, insurance reporting and relocation of pipework.

With the new work they are now taking on, Backyard Pool & Solar are also making use of CheckVault to get their payments secured before they start the work. “We give our clients a small discount [to secure the payment up front]. It’s a bit of a win-win situation – we win with peace of mind and the client wins with a small discount,” remarks Matt, adding “Prior to CheckVault I felt as though I was a money lending machine for clients that would take forever to pay. Now that’s all gone”

Pool owners are able to perform a ‘self-assessment’ of their pool to get an idea of the work that may be required using a number of checklists. However, it is important that a professional inspector follows up to ensure pool owners are compliant with the current laws and regulations.

While the compliance and legislation improves the safety of a pool, the ultimate responsibility for pool safety lies with the pool owner. It is imperative that parents and carers adequately supervise young children around pools at all times.

Registration can take place using the NSW Government’s Swimming Pool Register website. While there may be some costs incurred in upgrading the pool safety and in engaging a certifier, the cost to register the pool is free. Just like CheckVault.

If you are looking at upgrading your pool fencing or pool, and are happy to get a discount on the work by securing your contractors payments up front, we’re sure Matt or any number of our CheckVault members would be keen to help so get in touch.