Which platform is for you?

CheckVault SME Platform

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For suppliers and professional services. Rapidly manage escrow transactions.

Simple Transaction Platform

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Accounts with no monthly fee and per-transaction pricing.

 Marketplaces Platform

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Grow your marketplace by offering automated online escrow.

Professional Services/Supplier Accounts

A cloud platform to rapidly send and manage multiple escrow transactions to customers. For small to medium businesses.

1 user

$0/contract under $10K

$12/contract B2C

$25/contract B2B

1.5% for Visa/MC


5 users

$0/contract under $10K

$11/contract B2C

$22/contract B2B

1.5% for Visa/MC

50% interest rebate


3 free B2C over $10K
per month


20 users

$0/contract under $10K

$10/contract B2C

$19/contract B2B

1.5% for Visa/MC

100% interest rebate

Designated account manager

Settlement routing


5 free B2C over $10K
per month

As you go transactions

A simplified account with no monthly fee. Create your account by sending a payment.
All transactions

Unlimited once off transactions

1.5% additional for Visa/MC

CheckVault API / Marketplace Accounts

Bolt on escrow payments for e-commerce and marketplaces. Let us know how you want to use it.
Market Accounts
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