Fraudulent Activity

It has come to our attention that the is hosting a website that looks like our service.

This is a fraudulent website trying to scam users into thinking they are us. 

If you have received any communication which directs you to this website, please ignore it immediately and do not engage with them any further. Please inform your local law enforcement authorities so that they are made aware of the same.

All services from CheckVault will be delivered under the domain. To ensure you are securely engaging with our service, always look at the address bar on your browser to see if it has a Green https in front of it and that the address always looks something like https://< app,personal,www etc. >< additional text >. See example provided below –

Under no circumstance send any funds to the payment instructions received from this site. Secure payments sent to our service should be inline with our payment instruction information provided below.

We are taking the necessary steps to ensure that this fraudulent service is removed as soon as possible.


Equine Safepay Agents with SecurePayment

It has come to our attention that fraudulent emails are being circulated purporting to be from Equine SafePay with SecurePayment and are requesting money to be sent to an ‘Equine SafePay agent’ with a UK, Polish or MoneyGram bank account to complete a purchase. Example given below –


It can be seen that the fraudulent service has copied the Equine SafePay ( secure payment service offered by Inglis digital for their marketplaces and name and has provided bank transfer details of an Equine SafePay Agent in the UK. Clear signs that this email is fraudulent –

  • Neither Equine SafePay, nor Inglis Digital nor CheckVault use agents to facilitate the escrow service.
  • Equine SafePay does not request transfer of funds to an overseas bank account. All funds are held in Australia with CheckVault as the Escrow provider.
  • Transfer details do not match those listed below. See ‘Protect Yourself From Fraud’.

If you receive such an email, please forward it to along with any details of where the items/vehicles were listed and contact your local authority.


Autobytel CheckGroup Pty Ltd (ABN 47 159 821 093)

It has come to our attention that fraudulent emails are being circulated under the name Autobytel CheckGroup Pty Ltd (ABN 47 159 821 093). Any emails, payment references or communication are not generated by or associated with CheckVault Pty Ltd or CheckGroup Pty Ltd.

If you receive such an email, please forward it to along with any details of where the items/vehicles were listed and contact your local authority.


Other copycat websites

We will list websites that we become aware of that have been made to look like ours. We are continuously working with various hosting providers and law enforcement authorities to ensure these sites are removed at the earliest


Protect Yourself From Fraud

Be alert, especially when asked to transfer money overseas. Always seek confirmation of the legitimacy of a transaction where possible. Warning signs may include the following –

  • Asking you to send money overseas, especially in the UK
  • Use of foreign phone numbers
  • Unfamiliar banking terms like sort code, BIC, IBAN

For cancellation of funds transfers, please contact your banking institution immediately.

CheckVault Payment instruction information

The account details below are authorized transfer details for use by CheckVault Pty Ltd. If you have been requested to transfer to an account not listed here in relation to CheckVault or CheckGroup services, please contact with the relevant details.


 Bank Account

BSB: 012 003

Account Number: 836 253 366

Account Name: Perpetual Corporate Trust as Escrow Agent for CheckVault Escrow Account

Bank: ANZ Bank

 BPAY – Savings Account

Biller Code: 215 152

 BPAY – Credit Card

Biller Code: 215 269

Credit Card Payments

When making a credit card payment, make sure the link you are directed to has the following in the address bar near the top of the browser either on your phone, tablet or desktop


Useful Links

For more information on reporting fraud and protecting yourself from crime the various state and federal agencies may be able to assist.



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