Fraudulent Activity

Transfers to individual bank accounts

It has come to our attention that scammers are targeting users on used car websites and asking them to transfer monies for the purchase of a vehicle – the amounts are usually in the AUD $6000.00 to $8000.00 range. The scammer asks the user to transfer monies to individual bank accounts which are not CheckVault Escrow bank accounts. The documents that the scammers send look similar to the ones seen below –

All transfers made to CheckVault escrow are made to our business bank account the details for which you can find below

Protect Yourself From Fraud

Be alert, especially when asked to transfer money overseas. Always seek confirmation of the legitimacy of a transaction where possible. Warning signs may include the following –

  • Asking you to send money overseas, especially in the UK
  • Asking you to send money to an individual bank account
  • Use of foreign phone numbers
  • Unfamiliar banking terms like sort code, BIC, IBAN

For cancellation of funds transfers, please contact your banking institution immediately.

CheckVault Payment instruction information

The account details below are authorized transfer details for use by CheckVault Pty Ltd. If you have been requested to transfer to an account not listed here in relation to CheckVault or CheckGroup services, please contact with the relevant details.


 Bank Account

BSB: 012 003

Account Number: 836 253 366

Account Name: Perpetual Corporate Trust as Escrow Agent for CheckVault Escrow Account

Bank: ANZ Bank

For transfers from outside Australia

In combination with the details given above, use the additional details given below to complete your transfer:


Beneficiary street: 100 Queens Street

Beneficiary town: Melbourne

Beneficiary postcode: 3000

Country: Australia

 BPAY – Savings Account

Biller Code: 215 152

 BPAY – Credit Card

Biller Code: 215 269

Credit Card Payments

When making a credit card payment, make sure the link you are directed to has the following in the address bar near the top of the browser either on your phone, tablet or desktop


Useful Links

For more information on reporting fraud and protecting yourself from crime the various state and federal agencies may be able to assist.



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