• A glimpse of what is to come

    The CheckVault Vision

    CheckVault aims to be the most trusted and respected financial services company in Australia providing escrow services to Australian businesses and individuals to create a secure and protected environment for exchanging goods and services.

What Inspires Us

We draw inspiration from the businesses and individuals we serve. To develop safe, simple and secure payment systems that businesses and individuals can rely on. The trust our customers have in us, drives us to go forward.

Securing future business leaders

Successful small businesses can become multinationals. CheckVault is here to help them secure their cashflow and ensure that great businesses don’t vanish because of bad debts.


Our strategy is simple. Develop and manage secure regulated escrow systems that provide transaction security for individuals, businesses and marketplaces.   

 For individuals

Purchase with confidence using CheckVault Secure Escrow.

 For businesses

Start accepting CheckVault Secure Escrow for your business today.

 For construction

Timely payments, retention security, document management.

 For marketplaces

Rapid integration into existing marketplaces and classifieds.

More Questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or get in touch

If you feel that this is a service which may work but have some questions, you can try searching for an answer in our frequently asked questions or giving us a call on our support line 1800 CV AU LT (1800 28 28 58).