• Wouldn't it be nice ..

    To get paid on time

    "The scariest thing about taking on a job is the uncertainty of getting paid on time. CheckVault takes that concern away and gives you the motivation to finish the job promptly and to a high standard, which clients love too.”
    - Dale Vine, former "The Block" winner and owner of D. Vine Scapes Landscape Design & Construction

Time you’ve spent telling your subcontractors “As soon as I get paid”.
Why put yourself through it?

Your payments currently look like this:

What if you could have payments like this?

This is how to do it

 Set up a job in CheckVault

> How do I do this?

 Client deposits into CheckVault before each stage

> How easy is it for my clients to pay?

Client approves payments, settled in 1-3 days

> How do approvals work?


Clients love it too

David S

David S

New home

CheckVault has been a terrific experience. I’ve had as much help as I could have requested and the whole thing has been quite easy. It works very well.

Michelle M

Michelle M


Using CheckVault we got a discounted price, because [the builder] knows his payments are secured.



 A quick look



Costs practically nothing for businesses


 No setup fee



One user


Multiple users


 Contract Sum Secured fee – 0.89% fee; (minimum fee $50)

Good deal

 Client pays card fees

1.5% is pretty low too

 No refund fees

We don’t charge for that either

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So many ways you can use it

 Small Jobs

Take one single payment and release it once the job is finished.

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 Supply & Install

Create a job with two payments. One to release on delivery of materials and one to release once install is complete.

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 Milestone Based

Set up a list of milestones and an associated cost for each one. Get the client to pay before you start each milestone and release when complete.

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 Large Progress Jobs

Take an estimated amount as security before each month’s work. If it ends up less, return the difference. If it ends up more, make a top up.

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 Security Deposits

Take a sum as a security backstop during the course of a job and request release of the deposit if the customer is unable to make an invoice payment.

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There is no maximum time funds can be stored in CheckVault. That makes it ideal for retentions and warranty deposits that may be stored for years.

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 Handles any situation


If the amount that needs to be released doesn’t exactly match what’s held in CheckVault, any amount from zero to the full payment can be released. The difference can be refunded or stored in CheckVault for later.


Sometimes things don’t go to plan. You can rest assured knowing that if for any reason money needs to be returned to your client, we’ll settle with them just as fast as we do with you.


You need to know as soon as things happen. Receive noifications instantly when payments are approved or declined, requests are read and messages are sent.


Given the nature of the vast majority of disuptes, CheckVault simply sidesteps the most common reasons. Even then, we have a fair process that is better then the status quo if worst comes to worst.

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Offer more ways to pay


A traditional internet banking transfer.

No limit.



Many customers feel safer paying with BPAY.

Up to 500K per payment.



For large credit card payments.

Up to 500K per payment.



The most convenient way to pay.

up to 10K per payment.

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