Flexible job set up

It’s really just a list of payments. Pretty simple when you think about it.

> Construction > Job Setup > Client Payments > Approvals


CheckVault can do that.


CheckVault can do that too.


Got you covered.


Did we mention…



How do you run it?

 Only CheckVault

Send a CheckVault request with direct instructions only to pay into CheckVault.

 Or incentivise clients

Offer a discount if your client secures you in advance, or without discount if they pay later.

INCENTIVISE! Add discount badges to your website and quotes

 Or as you go

Start with just a contract amount and fill up payments as you go. It’s completely up to you how it goes.


 How do you want it?

 Send it how you like

Payment requests can be sent as many different types of documents depending on your needs. Pay on quote, Pro-Forma invoice or just a simple Payment Request.

 Make it your own

Add your own logo, header, footer and even terms and conditions to your payment requests. Make it look like your own business.


And more cool features..

+ Your clients can accept requests online (Works on PC, Phone and tablet)
+ Fast requests can be sent with our mobile UI
+ Can be accessed from anywhere you have an Internet connection
+ Captures email replies and messaging


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