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It’s a familiar story… You find ‘the one’. That car, bike, vintage camera or rare item that you just have to have. You feel uneasy about handing over any money before the item can even be shipped out. The seller won’t deal on any other terms because they want to know you’ll pay them once it’s all said and done.


Enter CheckVault One-Off Escrow. We’ll lock your payment in our vault and notify the seller that your money is secure and allocated just for them. Once you are satisfied with the delivery of goods or services, you and the seller agree to pay out to their account. We verify users with ID to stamp out fraud so you can rest easy.


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 CheckVault One-Off Escrow is currently only available to Australian residents. Minimum transaction is $300.00.

From a savings account
From a savings account
using a credit card
AUD$30 + 1.5%


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