It's easy to pay

Offer more than just bank transfers on large payments.

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A traditional internet banking transfer.

No limit.



Many customers feel safer paying with BPAY.

Up to 500K per payment.



For large credit card payments.

Up to 500K per payment.



The most convenient way to pay.

up to 10K per payment.



Your clients will receive clear directions how to pay

When you send a CheckVault request, your client can view the payment instructions both online and as a downloadable PDF document. Any requirements are clearly stated.

Demo request – ONLINE   Demo request – PDF

Don’t worry about credit card fees

You can select who pays the fees for credit cards. Really want to get that job? Absorb the fees yourself. Otherwise the payment amounts are increased to cover any credit card fees.

No payment setup required

All payment methods are available automatically when you create an account. No setup is necessary for BPAY or Credit card payments. Payment methods can be disabled on request.


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