Peace of Mind

As someone who is not familiar with how the building industry works, getting building works done can be a daunting task for many. It can feel as though you are charting unfamiliar territory and are worried that your lack of expertise in this area will leave you exposed. Everyone seems to have heard a horror story about a dodgy builder or tradesperson and you don’t want to be next. Together CheckTender and CheckVault provide you with peace of mind.


 Fast, free and effective tendering

CheckVault is available exclusivley through CheckTender. You can list your tender of the works you want to have done quickly and efficiently online and without the massive paper trail. Attach documents, drawings and specifications so that an Architect, Builder or Tradesperson can contact you directly via the CheckTender system and provide a quote for the works. You continue the communication with them until you are happy. Next you just accept the Quote you want to go ahead with and they will be notified immediately.


 Contract management

Each party has easy, secure access via the internet to view all aspects of the contract agreements. You can even agree and have payments secured for all variations before work commences.


 Dispute Resolution

All of the contract documents, agreed milestone payment terms and variation agreements are in one easily accessible place. You can quickly and cost-effectively find the documents you need to support your case.

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Why choose CheckVault

  • Feel safe knowing you are secured
  • Maintain control for sellers and buyers
  • Easy management of transactions
  • Take the risk out of pricing
  • A revolution in payment security

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Productivity and Efficiency

Builders and Contractors who are being paid with payments secured in the CheckVault system have an incentive to complete work on their milestone quickly and efficiently so they can gain access to their agreed funds. You will expect to see an increase in the speed and quality with which work is undertaken.


Get secured with Credit Cards

By using your credit card to secure the payments on your project in advance, not only can you get a more competitive price from your builder but you can also take advantage of the interest free period and frequent flyer points your card allows. We accept Visa and Mastercard (a credit card surcharge will apply). Contact your credit card issuer for more details.


Flexibility of Secured Payment Terms

Milestones can be set to either a date or a completion of a set of terms allowing you total flexibility. You can use this for periodic payments, such as a monthly progress payment, or at the completion of a defined event, like the finishing of a ground floor concrete slab, or as a deposit for materials that will only be released once the goods arrive on site. You agree the exact terms with your Builder, Sub-contractor or Supplier before you commence your contract.


Win – Win

Whether you are using CheckVault with your Clients, Subcontractors or Suppliers, all parties will have peace of mind knowing that payments are secured each step of the way. This enables the work to be undertaken as agreed and with increased efficiency. You are in control of your business again.




 Reduced Payment
Cycle times

 Use your Credit Card to secure funds in advance to:

• Get up to 55 days interest free**
• Earn Frequent Flyer points when you pay with Credit Card via BPAY**