We are hitting the road….

We are out and about hitting the road to get your news and views on what’s going on in the construction industry.  The perfect place to start is with the Master Builders Association (MBA) NSW Trade Shows around Sydney.

Our first stop was last Wednesday at the MBA Trade Show in Roseville, held at the Roseville Golf club.  We got to meet a few of our our members face to face which was great and of course a few others found out about how they can protect their business’ and cash flow by getting their payments secured in advance using CheckVault.   To celebrate our first Trade Show appearance we upped the ante by giving away a lucky door prize of an iPad mini.

Congratulations to our lucky winner – Ron Stewart of Scotco Contracting.  Ron will be able to use the iPad to access CheckVault and CheckTender when he’s out on site, in his car (obviously not when driving!), when visiting clients or wherever else life takes him.

Last night we were at the MBA Trade Show in Penrith, held at the St Mary’s Rugb League Club.  There was a great turn out and we have many new members who heard about CheckVault for the first time and immediately could see the benefits they could get for their business just by using our free service.    Many of you shared with us your stories of money you or mates you know have lost, had to chase for months or even had to take legal action over.   I could see the relief on your faces when you realised that that would now be a thing of the past once you were on board and using CheckVault.

Congratulations to our lucky door prize winner – Jeff Lipowicz of Envy Painting Services.  I’m sure he’ll enjoy his bottle of premium Jack Daniels responsibly and after (not before) a hard day’s work!

A big thanks to Haley at the MBA for pulling together all of the Trade Shows.  It’s a big task and much appreciated.

Keep a look out for us coming to a town or city near you over the next few months.   We’ll be at the MBA Trade Show Manly next Wednesday 14th October at the Hardware & General in Brookvale from 6.00pm – 8.00pm.  Come on over and say Hi.

On another note, it’s good to see the CheckVault name is getting out there thanks to some of our members.  We snapped this pic of the CheckVault stickers on a ute this week and we’ve seen some corflute signs up gracing the site fence of some of our builders.  Here’s one on an FS Hough Builders site.  If you have your CheckVault sticker on your ute, car, van or site send us a pic and we’ll give your business a free plug!


Stickers to be read by the tail gaters.

Stickers to be read by the tail gaters.

For people looking at their feet as they walk on the footpath!

For people looking at their feet as they walk on the footpath!

FS Hough site

It’s good to see a builder protecting their contractors with more than just WHS.