Tradies Dig Deep

A couple of weeks on from our national celebration of ANZAC Day and we’ve just received some great news from one of our active service men.

The day before ANZAC Day, the Australian Defence Force had some of their uniformed military personnel raising money to provide much needed services for our returning veterans.   They were selling badges all over the Sydney CBD and in many other locations across Australia too.  Commuters across Sydney contributed $47,000 through the badge drive on this morning alone which will go a long way to helping veterans upon their return back to their homes.

One Royal Australian Air Force Officer commented to us that “the tradies were the most generous” contributors.  Many of the trades professionals who were working in the city that morning, dug deep into their pockets and made donations to the cause, often opting not to even receive the badge in return so that these could still be sold to others.  While it seems office workers were more inclined to make a donation of gold coins, the tradies donated money of the folding kind.

So, in our first official CheckViews blog, we’d like to use this opportunity to say “Thank you” to all of the tradies whose contributions helped to say “Thank you” to those who protect our country.

It’s good to know that with the use of CheckVault we are now providing a new level of protection for our generous trade professionals.