Cloud-based software to take off in 2014

A key trend deserving pride in your business in 2014 is the use of cloud computing.

Commonly referred to as ‘the cloud,’ cloud computing allows you to access information over the internet rather than having to work from a static desk-based location.  By embracing the power the cloud you can simplify your work processes to help you free up time for more important and interesting things.

The construction sector is one of the latest industries to see benefits from using cloud-based software, with business of all sizes now realising the potential and business flexibility the cloud can provide.

“Let’s consider a few financial and time-saving benefits of cloud-based BIM software:

  1. Users access their BIM software with less expensive “devices” as the computational work is being done by the cloud servers. Their local devices are purchased with fewer upgrades (less RAM, average video cards, smaller hard drives.)
  2. Similar to cloud storage access, the BIM software can be operated by devices with a variety of operating systems (Windows, Apple, Droid, etc.)
  3. Software is scalable to the needs of the project. Software as a Service (SaaS) is purchased by project members only when it’s needed, thus reducing users’ software inventories and overhead costs.
  4. Hardware and software technical support are now included in the project’s webhosting subscription contract. This includes software and driver updates, equipment upgrades, project file backups, license management and virus protection.”

– Read the full article at Sourceable.

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