Introducing: Organisations

November 2013

We’re really excited to announce a great new feature in CheckVault: Organisations

So what is it?

Organisations gives you greater flexibility and control of your CheckVault account by allowing you to:

  • Have multiple users on the one CheckVault account.
  • Invite your colleagues or external consultants to collaborate in your organisation.
  • Manage and participate in multiple organisations all with one login and password.
  • Select permissions and roles for member access.
  • Set the number of people required to approve important actions – List Tender; Accept Quote; Secure Payment and Release Payment.

Take a look at this quick tutorial video to see how you can add a new member to your organisation.


The tutorial video for Manage Approvals will show you the next steps to give permissions to the appropriate people in your Organisation.


What does it cost?

Just like CheckVault – the organisations feature is available free for business. Organisations is not available on accounts held by private individuals. To view our pricing page click here

What do I need to do?

  • If you’ve already entered your business details – you’re already ready to go.
  • If you want to register a new business organisation, simply click the drop down menu on the top right, choose “List all organisations” then click “Create Organisation”.
  • If you have already registered but haven’t yet filled in your business details, you’ll be asked to transfer your business account next time you log in with the primary account.

Want to talk to someone about how these tools can help?

If you’d like to know more, call us on 1800 28 28 58 or email us at

Did you know we also provide complimentary on-site training for individuals and groups? Contact us now and arrange a visit. We also provide complimentary on-site training for individuals and groups – contact us now and arrange a visit.

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