Streamlined quoting with escrow payment options

Take control of your cashflow and synchronise with Xero

CheckVault is a free and secure payment service that offers peace of mind by taking financial risk out of the equation whether you are buying or selling. By acting as an independent third party, CheckVault securely holds the funds for a job via an escrow arrangement with ANZ Bank and Perpetual Corporate Trust until the work is complete. Customers can then simply release funds directly to the supplier in just a few clicks once both parties are satisfied.

Xero Sync by CheckVault

Once a milestone is requested in CheckVault a Xero invoice is automatically created and includes:

  • Milestone price
  • GST
  • A permanent link back to your quote for easy reference
  • Reference numbers
  • Contact information
  • Marks the invoice as paid when your client releases the secured funds from CheckVault

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How does it work?

Who can use CheckVault?

 For individuals

Purchase with confidence using CheckVault Secure Escrow.

 For businesses

Start accepting CheckVault Secure Escrow for your business today.

 For construction

Use CheckVault to secure deposits, manage progress claims, and protect retentions.

 For marketplaces

Rapid integration into existing marketplaces and classifieds.

Some of our current users

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Rebecca D

Rebecca D

Accountant - Senior Manager / Watkins Coffey Martin

It's fantastic and easy to use. We simply quote, and our clients secure us. As soon as we finish the clients work to their satisfaction, we get the money the next day. No more waiting and no cost.

Matthew C

Matthew C

Accounting Client

CheckVault is a great method for transacting. It empowers you as a consumer. It delivers peace of mind, while putting you in a position to receive a prioritised service delivery, often with a discount too.

Brian F

Brian F

Director / The Country Group

The security with CheckVault is 100% secure as opposed to taking the builders word that he's going to pay. I sleep a lot better at night knowing my payments are secured.

Daniel W

Daniel W

Project Manager / FS Hough

As a Buyer I feel comfortable that I know my subcontractors are secured and they prioritise my work. As a Seller my clients understand I should have security of payment because of an ever changing business world.

Matt W

Matt W

Director / Backyard Pool & Solar

I’ve been stung before on one or two occasions, now with CheckVault I don’t have that worry, because basically if they haven’t got the money, we don’t go past the next milestone. Prior to CheckVault I felt as though I was a money lending machine for clients that would take forever to pay.

Steve M

Steve M

Director & Manufacturer / Prestige Home Solutions

Our experience with CheckVault has been great. They listen & understand the problems businesses face in today's society. We recommend CheckVault to everyone.

Sameer K.

Sameer K.

Partner / CharterNet

CheckVault understands our business and have given us the tools we needed to get our payments in faster. Implementing it has been a simple and smooth transition.

Aaron K.

Director / AOK Property Services

[My clients have] got security knowing they aren’t going to get the funds released until the work is done properly. I’ve been able to give them a discount because I know I’m going to get paid quickly.

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