AOK Property Services

Aaron Kemp

AOK Property Services offers it’s clients “A one stop shop for all your property needs”. From property maintenance to cleaning; garden maintenance through to handyman repairs, they can do it all. Specialising in all facets of painting, Director Aaron Kemp says their team savours seeing the joy their service can bring to their customers.

Business Name: AOK Property Services

Business Type: Painting and property maintenance services

Industry: Construction

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A surprise solution


“I was chatting to one of the other dad’s on my son’s soccer team when he told me about CheckVault. I was surprised. I didn’t even know something like this existed.”


But once he had heard about it, Aaron could immediately see the benefits it could have for his business.

Getting started

Knowing there’s never a good time to make a change, Aaron bit the bullet and jumped online a few days later to set up his account.  Aaron found the set up process easy, “It’s user friendly,” he said.

Not being all that comfortable on a computer Aaron called the helpdesk, “The technical support team have all been really helpful. Everyone is very quick to help with their assistance. If they don’t know they’ll go off and check and get back to you.”


Client satisfaction

Aaron mentions that their clients have been very happy with the new system, “They’ve got security knowing they aren’t going to get the funds released until the work is done properly.”

Through using CheckVault, AOK Property Services has been able to take away the payment uncertainty faced by many businesses and in doing so  “I’ve been able to give them a discount because I know I’m going to get paid quickly,” he says.


The difference

Aaron notes the real difference CheckVault has made to his business is:


“Security – knowing that you are going to get paid.”

It’s also helped him to streamline AOK Property Services’ business practices to avoid doubling up on work, “It can be a quoting tool as well as a payment tool all in one as opposed to sending out an invoice separately” Aaron highlights.

“It’s cut down on time in front of the computer for me – sending invoices, chasing invoices. When the work’s done all you have to do is press one button and the client gets an SMS [and email] to release the payment. It’s a lot easier.”



More Questions?

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If you feel that this is a service which may work but have some questions, you can try searching for an answer in our frequently asked questions or giving us a call on our support line 1800 CV AU LT (1800 28 28 58).