• Step 1

    Set the price and terms of the exchange

    Request a quote or payment request through CheckVault to set the price and the terms with which the exchange will take place.

    Set the price and terms of the exchange
  • Step 2

    Secure the funds

    Secure the funds in CheckVault to show commitment towards the purchase

    Secure the funds
  • Step 3

    Let the work begin

    With the assurance of payment, request the seller to commence work

    Let the work begin
  • And finally ...

    Authorise release of funds

    Once you are satisfied with the exchange of goods or services as per contract, simply authorise CheckVault to release payment to complete the transaction.

    Authorise release of funds

1. Secure funds with easy payment options

· A full spectrum. Payments can be made via Visa, Mastercard, BPAY and Bank Transfer

· Trust. Funds are held with Perpetual and we are partnered with ANZ

· Confidence. By getting payments secured up front and held by a trusted third party, you can get the job done with peace of mind.


See payment pricing

2. Seamless communication and job sign off

CheckVault provides the tools to communicate effectively. Messages can be sent and replies captured via Email. Documents can be stored and shared related to your work instead of using slow and unreliable physical mail or email.

When it comes time to finish the work and get the job signed off, requesting sign off and release is just a click away. For the buyer, approving the release of money is as easy as responding to an SMS.



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