Get Paid Within Terms

With CheckVault your invoices are secured in advance, with the money held by Perpetual Corporate Trust prior to supply. When delivery is complete, both parties approve release and the funds are released to you within 1-3 business days. As the money has already been paid by the Buyer, there is no incentive for them to delay approval – getting you paid faster. Our
ratings and testimonial system provide even more incentive for Buyers to release funds promptly. Insist on CheckVault and separate the serious buyers from the time wasters. By securing an invoice in advance, you know the client is not only serious, but has the money to complete the transaction. With CheckVault you won’t be waiting 30, 60 or 90 days to get paid, or waste time chasing your debtors.


 Fast, Free and Efficient Opportunities

CheckVault is available exclusively through CheckTender. CheckTender offers you a platform to find and negotiate potentially thousands of sales in real-time, for zero cost. CheckTender is cloud based – which means you can access CheckTender and find new opportunities from anywhere, anytime. View and negotiate all aspects of your contracts online, post comments, upload variations or modify payment requests prior to supply.


Matt W

Matt W

Director / Backyard Pool & Solar

I’ve been stung before on one or two occasions, now with CheckVault I don’t have that worry, because basically if they haven’t got the money, we don’t go past the next milestone. Prior to CheckVault I felt as though I was a money lending machine for clients that would take forever to pay.

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 Flexible Security

Transactions can be divided into as many part payment or “milestones” as both parties find appropriate. Milestones can be set to either a date or a completion of a set of terms, allowing you total flexibility. You can use this for periodic payments, lay-buys, or at the completion of a defined event. With CheckVault, you and your client are in control of setting appropriate


 Less Admin – Less Cost

Cut down on the admin and paperwork. Manage all aspects of your contracts online. You can even note, agree and have payments secured for all variations before work commences. Negotiate progress or part payments (“milestones”) prior to acceptance, and catalog all variations online.


 Cash Flow Control

As a supplier, there is no better feeling than knowing you are in control of your cash flow and your business. With CheckVault you know that when you negotiate a sale, the Buyer has the funds available to make payment to you without delay. You know when you will receive your money, so you can plan your purchases accordingly.

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Why choose CheckVault

  • Feel safe knowing you are secured
  • Maintain control for sellers and buyers
  • Easy management of transactions
  • Take the risk out of pricing
  • A revolution in payment security

Dispute Resolution

Each party has easy, secure access via the internet, to view all aspects of the contract agreements. You can quickly and cost-effectively find the documents you need to help resolve disputes. With CheckVault, if matters do escalate the funds are protected until the dispute is resovled either by mutual agreement or legal action.


Win – Win

With CheckVault all parties will have peace of mind knowing that payments are secured at each step, with transparent contractual and payment terms. This enables supply to be undertaken as agreed and with increased efficiency. CheckTender with CheckVault puts you back in control.