Cost Free Security in Minutes

CheckVault provides mining and exploration companies with a cost free payment solution that can be rapidly implemented at zero expense to all parties. CheckVault is also fully customisable, and can be tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs and requirements. As part of CheckVault’s commitment to improving payment security CheckVault customisation will be provided free of charge.


Partnered with the Best

CheckVault is partnered with the Australian and New Zealand Banking Group (“ANZ”) and Perpetual Corporate Trust Ltd (“Perpetual”) to bring you not only the best possible service, but the financial and technical proficiency to meet any operational requirements.



CheckVault provides security above and beyond traditional escrow and custodial relationships. CheckVault cuts down on time and paperwork associated with traditional escrow arrangements. Create an account, and secure high value payments in minutes. Client funds are governed by the terms of our escrow deed, to provide a clear and comprehensive legal framework suitable for all Australian states and territories. The status of funds can be viewed by both parties in real-time. To provide further security, client funds are held directly by Perpetual on deposit with ANZ. Under the terms of our tripartite agreement, neither ANZ nor Perpetual may encumber or place a lien over client funds. While in escrow, funds can only be held at call.


 Secure and Regulated

CheckVault is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (“ASIC”) (AFSL 429 768). Our financial services license is audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (“PWC”) to ensure strict compliance with license conditions and all regulations. CheckVault is also an independent remittance provider registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (“AUSTRAC”), and a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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Why choose CheckVault

  • Feel safe knowing you are secured
  • Maintain control for sellers and buyers
  • Easy management of transactions
  • Take the risk out of pricing
  • A revolution in payment security

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Prudent Risk Management

CheckVault has in place operational and risk management policies to ensure its services are delivered in a reliable, timely and transparent manner. These include AMLCTF, compliance and risk management policies.CheckVault also holds considerable public and product liability cover additional to statutory requirements.


Eliminate Systemic and Reputational Risk

CheckVault provides stakeholder protection against systemic risk and cascade failure due to head contractor insolvency. With CheckVault, funds are secured in advance, but not released until contractual preconditions are met. These could include:

  •  Substantive proof that subcontractors have been paid;
  •  Proof of settlement of supplier accounts;
  •  Meeting verifiable and specific project milestones; and
  •  Independent assessment as to the quality of work.

By securing suppliers in advance, you are providing certainty to your stakeholders without your organisation becoming an unsecured creditor.


Flexible Security

You’re in control – negotiate exact milestone payment terms with your client, contractor or supplier all online. Milestones can be triggered by a date or a completion of a set of terms, allowing you total flexibility. You can use CheckVault for periodic payments, such as a monthly progress payment, or set the milestone for the completion of a defined event, like the ground floor concrete slab, or even as a deposit for materials with payment only scheduled to be released once the goods arrive on site.


Negotiate Better Prices

By securing your contractors payments in advance, for release when work is complete, many suppliers will offer even better prices. With CheckVault you can take advantage of those prices, without losing control of the money. Only when both parties are satisfied are the funds released by Perpetual. Securing your funds with a trusted financial institution helps protects you from contractor insolvency, while giving the supplier a strong incentive to complete as quickly as possible.