Debtors Management

CheckVault is a cost free and effective way to radically improve debtors collection. By encouraging your client (“buyers”) to secure their quotes, proposals or invoices in advance, the buyer has committed those funds and has no incentive to delay release. CheckVault provides an effective alternative to debtor collection management without the cost and aggravation.


 Minimise Client Write-Offs

By agreeing with a client upfront of your scope of works and fee amount, you are unlikely to have a client who will later dispute or delay your invoice. Ensure your client agrees with the value you will deliver – BEFORE you start work.

Rebecca D

Rebecca D

Accountant - Senior Manager / Watkins Coffey Martin

It's fantastic and easy to use. We simply quote, and our clients secure us. As soon as we finish the clients work to their satisfaction, we get the money the next day. No more waiting and no cost.

Sameer K.

Sameer K.

Partner / CharterNet

CheckVault understands our business and have given us the tools we needed to get our payments in faster. Implementing it has been a simple and smooth transition.

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 Reduce your debtors

CheckVault provides a simple and effective way to minimise your debtors. Your clients can easily release funds from CheckVault as soon as you have finished your work. Cash flow management through the CheckVault system eliminates exposure to unpaid invoices. Imagine what you could do if your current debtors were converted into cash.


 Secure Yourself

CheckVault places client monies with one of Australia’s largest corporate trustees, in a system that requires both client and supplier approval for release. CheckVault is open to all industries and professions. Use CheckVault to provide quotes to your clients, and start work once they’ve secured you.

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Why choose CheckVault

  • Feel safe knowing you are secured
  • Maintain control for sellers and buyers
  • Easy management of transactions
  • Take the risk out of pricing
  • A revolution in payment security


Use CheckVault to focus on those clients who value your work. Don’t get bogged down with demanding clients who don’t pay their bills on time, or at all. Use CheckVault to balance and prioritise your work and improve your billable hours and return on each Full Time Employee.


Risk-Free Business Expansion

Are you wary about taking on new business? Use CheckVault for prospective clients who don’t have an established record or trading history.