A simple escrow transaction platform for one-off transactions.
Available standalone or integrated into your application.

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Vehicle Sales

Forget waiting in line for a bank cheque, transact online smothly with minimal risk.


Feel safe trading and purchasing from outside your local area.


Hold payment during shipment of agricultural resources.

Domain Transfers

Delay settlement of your payment until a domain transfer is complete.



Protect your large payments while work is performed or goods are delivered.

No matter what you are trading, we are here to help buyers secure your payments against non-delivery and help sellers protect themselves against non-payment.


The concept of escrow is not new, however CheckVault does it better. More convenient, more secure and most importantly with a blazingly good fixed price.

 How to operate EXPRESS:


Set up your transaction

Send an offer to pay with EXPRESS to the seller. We’ll notify you when it’s accepted.


Pay into EXPRESS

Pay using your choice of payment method. Use your credit card for large payments.


Verify your account

We verify your identity once using our streamlined ID system. Quick and easy.