Equine SafePay

Equine SafePay is a partnership between Inglis Digital and CheckVault designed to give buyers and sellers the confidence and the peace of mind when trading horses and related accessories through their online classifieds – horsezone.com.au and bloodstock.com.au.


Equine SafePay is designed to make our online classifieds more secure giving both sides a peace of mind and confidence that the person they’re dealing with is a real person and their money is safe until the purchase of the horse or product is complete.

Leigh Lavery, General Manager, Inglis Digital


Scammers using Equine SafePay name

Seller usernames we’ve previously identified as scam –

lindajoheson – HorseGuide and HorseYard selling a PEGASUS DELUXE 2 HORSE ANGLE LOAD FLOAT for around $4500.00-$5000.00.

It has come to our attention that scammers are trying to use the Equine SafePay name to lure buyers into sending money for an item they are pretending to sell. Usually these items would seem to good to be true and are used as a way to get your attention.

Important to know that:

  1. Equine SafePay does not send transfer details via email. All payment references are displayed on your account with Equine SafePay.
  2. Equine SafePay does not ask for money to be sent overseas. All monies are held securely with CheckVault’s escrow account with Perpetual Corporate Trustees as the custodian at ANZ.

Equine SafePay is currently offered only on listings through horsezone.com.au and bloodstock.com.au. You will only receive payment requests from Equine SafePay if you have sent an offer via Equine SafePay for a listing using a button like below

Ensure you only use payment references from our website. You can confirm this by looking at the address at the top of your browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox) window

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